Smart Assist

Don't own a credit card or only have access to your local debit card? We can assist you with purchases from stores that require a US credit card.


Fast Custom Clearance

SmartPost takes the hassle of customs clearance out of your hands, so all you do is shop and we’ll take care of the rest in a prompt and efficient manner.
With more than 30 years combined in the field of customer service, logistics and customs clearance, our experience is what sets us apart from the other conventional companies in this field.


Low Rates

Our rates are based on two factors the weight and cost of the contents in a package. At present we are not charging on dimensional or volumetric weight.


Deliveries to Office or Home

You can contact us at least four (4) hours in advance to schedule a delivery to any location of your choice.
Free deliveries are done on Mondays and Tuesdays in the corporate area. For deliveries on any other day a $350.00JA is charged.


Once we recieve your package, you can begin tracking the progress of your package through our system. You will know when your package arrives at and departs from Miramar as well as when it arrives in Jamaica, and is available for pickup.

However customers with more packages being delivered to Miramar, may see some delay in the processing and updating of their package status online.