Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Our Terms


Upon registering as a member of SmartPost Limited each customer has agreed to our terms and conditions, we encourage all customers to read carefully. SmartPost Limited advises customers to review the terms and conditions occasionally so that they are aware of any possible changes.

Each registered customer will be provided with our U.S mailing address along with a customer number. All customers must adhere to the mailing address format unless otherwise advised by a customer service representative. The format is as follows:


Jane/John Doe
911 NW 209th Ave
Unit 112 SMART #### KN
Pembroke Pines, FL 33029


There is no registration or annual membership fee. Packages are received at our facility in Miramar, Florida and transported twice per week to Kingston, Monday mornings and Thursday evenings.NB. Packages arriving on Thursday evening’s flight are only accessible to be cleared through Jamaica Customs on a Friday morning. All packages received between Thursday and by the latest 5pm on a Saturday at our Miramar facility are transported to Kingston on Monday’s flight. Packages that are received between Monday and Wednesday by the latest 5pm will be transported on Thursday’s flight. Pickups and deliveries are conducted on the following day after clearance through Jamaica Customs. SmartPost will provide adequate notice to customers regarding dates when our Miramar facility will be closed due to U.S. Holidays and operational closures. Packages scheduled for delivery on those days are usually delivered on the following business day. If those packages are not delivered on the following business day we advise customers to please contact your International carriers (i.e UPS,USPS, FedEx, DHL etc.) to arrange a delivery within regular business hours.


Our charges are based on two factors the weight and cost of the contents in a package. At present we are not charging on dimensional weight. For additional information please view our rate sheet by clicking the rates tab on our website. Additionally any fraction of a pound is rounded up; packages are charged based on the actual weight that is presented during final processing in Kingston, and not by the weight provided by your suppliers or merchants. Please note some suppliers or merchants use dimensional weight hence weight of packages may vary at times. Additional we advise all customers to take note of the shipping weight and not the item weight when determining the weight of their packages. We at SmartPost believe in fair business practices that will benefit our customers and our business in extension. Reasonable discounts for regular shoppers. Conditions apply.


Payment Terms


At present SmartPost offers no credit terms, however in special circumstances at least 50% of the price for a package(s) should be provided before the package(s) can be released, outstanding balances should be cleared within 30 days of package(s) being released. Unclaimed packages will attract a storage fee after 10 business days. The fee will be USD$1.00 per day, if package(s) are unclaimed after 30 days, there will be three notifications to customers, after the third notification the package(s) will be sold to recover any expenses related to the transportation of the package(s).


For customers using our SmartAssist service, that is the service we offer to persons who wish to use our credit card for doing their purchases. These customers are required to have the necessary funds, whether U.S. dollars (USD) or the Jamaican equivalent to complete the purchase and an additional USD$10.00 for our service charge. If the purchase price exceeds USD$100.00 the service charge is USD$15.00. We only perform this service with trusted websites, a list of trusted websites will be listed on our how it works tab.


Customers should inspect packages to ensure all contents are accounted for and in good order before leaving place of business or the presence of the delivery personnel. Failure to do so means the customer has no claim for compensation. Customers should ensure that merchants, suppliers, family or friends securely package fragile or sensitive contents. Clear instructions should be present on such packages. Customers having missing packages must show clear proof that it occurred while in our possession i.e must be signed for by a personnel at our Miramar facility. Only then will a customer have a claim for compensation. At present we are unable to facilitate a return service, but can advise on the most affordable way to have a package returned and the procedures involved when doing so. Also please check with your merchants or suppliers about their return policy. For customers with packages that require special attention such as items sent as replacements, please provide us with prior notice and adequate documentation before the shipment arrives in Kingston. Customers who wish to use their passenger declaration (PD or the yellow) forms, please provide along with these necessary documents (copy of TRN, ID, Passport with landed date) signed by a Justice of the Peace before the shipment arrives in Kingston.


By signing up for SmartPost Limited you are authorizing our agents to act on your behalf for customs clearance of packages.